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I started my professional career at The Pennsylvania State University earning my degree in Film/Video Production at the University Park campus.While enrolled, I worked for the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications Equipment room, where I was responsible for checking in/out all film and broadcast equipment for the entire College of Communications faculty and students. Along with my work in the equipment room, I was also employed as a camera operator by Penn State Athletics; the broadcast team behind all of the university's sporting events. From football and hockey, to volleyball and basketball, I operated a $20,000 shoulder mounted camera on the field, rink, or the court during every event. My experience with live athletic video production gave me a taste of what working in the industry was like. I was hooked. Those were some of the best years of my life...
Since graduating from Penn State, I've been working as a freelancer with Aardvark Video Works as a Gaffer/Grip and a photographer for HomeVisit  Real Estate Marketing Technologies. No matter what my current professions, I have been pursuing photography in my free time in order to follow my passions and broaden my horizons...
Throughout my life I have been gifted many adventurous opportunities. In my lifetime, I have experience in many action sports such as surfing, cliff diving, fire spinning, and dirt bike racing to name a few. My passion has become to share that excitement with the world. I have traveled throughout North America and parts of Europe, achieving more than many have ever dared to dream. I wish to enchant people's lives with astonishing imagery and memories that will last from this life and into the next...
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