Capturing Beauty in Motion

"Brothers on the Battlefield"
Having taken up a new hobby, I produced this documentary on Civil War Reenacting. In particular, I focused on my own unit: the 50th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. I interviewed a seasoned veteran, Cpl. Kolin Bothun about his experience in living the life of an 1860's Union Army soldier
"Safety in Wartime"
In this next installment of my documentaries on Civil War Reenacting, I interviewed another senior member of the 50th PVI. Major Jeff Pollock has been in this hobby for many years. With his level of experience, he has accepted the responsibility of coordinating battles and preparing the fields for upcoming events. Jeff's main focus is on one thing: safety for all. That goes for spectators and reenactors alike.
Cinematography Reel
This reel is the culmination of all my works that I produced while studying to earn my Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Film/Video Media Studies. I was the camera operator and/or the director of photography for each of these pieces. Names and descriptions of these works can be read from the description on